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Each year, overall spending on information technology within all areas of government has increased. While some agencies have budgets pared back, others see increases to compensate for that gap. This trend conveys a significant adoption of varying levels of technology within the day-to-day activities of nearly every civil service employee. From the increases in cyber warfare, to the simple collection of metadata to provide better services to taxpayers, these trends appear to be advancing at an astounding pace. However, budgets do not seem to be keeping pace with demand.


Agencies are being continuously forced to make strategic decisions on how best to utilize their funding, while still accomplishing their business goals and missions. At the state and local government level, spending has significantly lagged behind the increased need. Cyber security remains at the top of the priorities list for most CIOs, as they are faced with refreshing legacy platforms without compromising their systems.

"We've had to reorganize our infrastructure to become more agile and responsive and to try to be as elastic and transparent as the market. We've transformed the way we speak to our customers - actually treating them as customers - and in some cases offering them new choices."

— Miguel Gamiño, Jr.

CIO and Executive Director of the Dept. of Technology

City and County of San Francisco

PCPC understands these issues and we are positioned with top certifications from the largest manufacturers to bring to bear an unprecedented level of support to our struggling government agencies. From our significant engineering presence and our background in contract management to our grant writing assistance, we will stop at nothing to ensure that we are doing all that we can to help agencies do more with less.

Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement


SEWP is one of the premier federal government contract vehicles to provide the latest in information technology products and services to federal agencies. Originally provided under the Information Technology Management Reform Act (ITMRA) of 1996, now called the Clinger Cohen Act, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) designated NASA as an executive agent, thereby providing statutory authority to allow use of SEWP by the entire federal government.


SEWP offers a vast array of advanced technology products and services, including desktops and servers, IT peripherals, network equipment, storage systems, security tools, software products, cloud-based services, telecommunication, health IT, video conferencing systems and other IT and audio-visual products. In addition, SEWP offers product-based services, such as installation and maintenance, to all federal agencies and their approved support service contractors.


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Group A: Scalable Computer System Group

JUNOVenture, LLC

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Harris County Department of Education


Choice Partners was born from the merger of three Harris County Department of Education procurement cooperatives: Choice Facility Partners, Gulf Coast Food Co-op and HCDE Purchasing Cooperative. It was created as a national cooperative purchasing service with legally procured contracts, with the intent to use these contracts to streamline purchasing, thereby saving time and money for government and nonprofit organizations.


Choice Partners purchasing cooperative, under guidance from the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE), offers procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. Staff at Choice Partners complete the legal, competitively bid government procurement process so that government and nonprofit organizations can act immediately to procure the products and services needed, while ensuring that they are maintaining compliance with relevant competition laws and regulations – saving time and money on the bidding and purchase processes.


Choice Partners is a leading IT purchasing cooperative, providing a wide variety of technology products, cloud services, software, consulting and resources for today's electronic demands.




PCPC is a DIR-approved vendor for:

Lexmark [DIR-TSO-3103]

Lenovo (United States), Inc. [DIR-SDD-2030]

Carahsoft Technology Corporation [DIR-SDD-2035]

HP Inc. [DIR-TSO-2538]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company [DIR-TSO-3359]

Xerox Corporation [DIR-TSO-3043]

NITAAC was designated as a federal executive agent authorized by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to award and administer three Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) for information technology (IT). With a combined contract ceiling of $60 billion, these GWACs are a primary resource for any federal agency, civilian or defense, looking to procure IT products, services and solutions. Rates and prices are pre-competed and pre-negotiated to deliver below-market cost and are driven even lower through competition at the task-order level.


The Chief Information Office – Commodities/Solutions (CIO-CS) contract is a five-year (with an additional
five-year option), $20 billion, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with on-premise or managed services models available to provide everything IT in support of both civilian and DoD enterprise architecture.  CIO-CS utilizes streamlined ordering procedures, in accordance with FAR 16.505, as well as an assisted acquisition section to offer an increased level of acquisitions support to federal agencies.




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(Effective: 5/1/15; Expiration: 4/30/24)

PCPC Direct, Ltd.

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Government-Wide Strategic Solutions


For years, most agencies have purchased IT hardware in an extremely fragmented and inefficient manner. The result has been a substantial loss of buying power, duplication of contract vehicles, and a reduction in pricing transparency. Members of the Category Management Leadership Council (CMLC) took steps to address these issues with the creation of a laptops and desktops initiative intended to promote greater performance, efficiency and savings through the acquisition and management of common IT goods and services.


The National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) is pleased to serve as one of three preferred sources for purchasing laptops and desktops for civilian agencies, per memo M-16-02 issued on October 16, 2015. (View the memo for more detailed information.)


OMB Memo


GSS Category 1 Ordering Guide

GSS Category 2 Ordering Guide

Texas Department of Information Services


The DIR, in an effort to better leverage the significant buying power for all Texas state government, education, and municipality entities, created mandatory cooperative contracts which all state agencies would utilize for the purchase of IT products and services. DIR contracts serve a wide spectrum of customers, including Texas state, county or local government offices, and public education entities of all sizes in an effort to:


Save time. DIR handles all of the time-consuming procurement work for you. All contracts are competitively bid so you no longer have to prepare competitive solicitations or evaluate responses. (TGC 2054.0565 states that DIR contracts meet the competitive requirements for all governmental entities.)


Save money. DIR leverages the volume buying power of the state to negotiate competitive pricing, which translates into big savings for your organization.
For most contracts, you can negotiate even deeper discounts with large-volume purchases.


Find what you want. Our updated DIR website makes it easy to search for products and services. Simply type in what you’re looking for; you can even filter search results. Each contract contains a summary of details to help you determine which vendor is right for you.


Provide best value through quality performance. Our vendors must comply with contract requirements.

PCPC has partnered with
several DIR awardees:

Carahsoft Technology Corp. (DIR-SDD-2035)

Lexmark (DIR-TSO-3103)

Lenovo (United States), Inc. (DIR-SDD-2030)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (DIR-TSO-3359)

Xerox Corporation (DIR-TSO-3043)

HP Inc. (DIR-TSO-2538)

ViewSonic Corporation (DIR-TSO-3345)


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